Thursday, July 29, 2010

Because it happened ...

I've finally grown up. Matured. Whatever you want to call it, I've changed. I do not give a shit, two shits, or a whole toilet full of crap about stupid things anymore. More specifically, stupid people. I don't understand most people and why they act they way they do. Last deployment I suddenly came into my own self-confidence-wise. This deployment seems to be one of I just don't care about silly stuff.

I would delete my Facebook account in a second if it didn't mean I would lose contact with those people I do care about, but may not have contact with otherwise. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me, I know what I'm talking about. What I hate is people whining, complaining, sympathy baiting, etc. I don't expect everyone to use Facebook to express how much they enjoy life and how great it is. It can be a good sounding board, but sometimes I really don't give a shit. Get over yourself. Seriously. Get over yourself. Your shit smells, you pick your nose and masturbate just like everyone else.

This isn't meant to air any rancor. I actually started this Bud Light-fueled post as a homage to one of the smartest, funniest, most loyal friends I've ever known. Jennifer I.M.C., that would be you. I was such an asshole at times during our friendship, yet you've always been there. I felt like I was always trying to tell you how beautiful you were all the time, yet I'd be at your house, and you'd be excited because you just got a new diet pill in the mail. I love you, we all love you, because you're you. Love doesn't know numbers, unless you happen to be a Real Housewife. Then it's bankruptcy or bust, baby. My point is, I am reminded several times a week how lucky I am at the ripe age of 36 to have had a true friend since the age of 14, when, in our freshman math class, she introduced herself to me by saying, "Hi, I'm Jen. Most new people don't like me." I swear by this. I had just moved to Cape Cod. Everyone should have a friend like her. The world would be such a better place. Even Bin Laden would come out of his cave to spend time with this classy woman.

That's my diatribe. From now on, I'll try not to drink and blog. I'm honest when I'm sober, I'm honest when I'm drinking, I just tend to be a little more sappy when slushy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Because it's lost ...

I seemingly lost my sense of humor sometime in the last few days or weeks. Just because Adam deployed doesn't mean I have to suck the fun out of life. It really sucks here without him. It takes some getting used to when there's 3 of us all together, all the time (mostly, unless Adam's at work or they're out fishing). You'd figure by the 8th time I'd be used to it.

It might get easier in some ways, but also each deployment brings about new and different challenges. Such is life. I'll deal, and be grateful for what I do have. Namely, a kickass kid and a dog who keeps us entertained because she's cute and stupid.