Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because it's too cute not to share ...

I was cleaning up today, and noticed Addison's clipboard under an end table. I picked it up to put in his room, and saw this note. He'd be mortified if he knew I was sharing it with anyone, so don't say anything to him! I don't want to lose his trust - he asks me about girls all the time, usually prefacing it with, "You were a girl once..."

I can't believe kids this young are boyfriend and girlfriend. He had two previous girlfriends when we lived at Fort Benning-he dumped the first one by telling her he thought they should see other people. I don't know where he gets this stuff from, but I'm going to have to guess TV and movies.

My favorite part is "When you reach your opinion". It makes up for the wrong usage of "to" instead of "too." Not sure why he had to point out it wasn't his real handwriting, but oh well. This is the sort of thing I treasure as his mom, and will one day show his wife and embarrass him then too!


Rebecca said...

Oh, this is too cute. I had my first boyfriend in 3rd grade - I still remember his name, Rick Aldrich. Then at some point, my best friend started dating him too, but he dumped her so I dumped him. Ah, the soap operas of elementary school life... :)


Tammy AKA ArmyHousehold6 said...

This is soooo cute!! :) (don't worry I won't mention a word of it ) ;)