Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Because it's called neglect, y'all

Sorry, blog, I've neglected you, I know. But things have been going on here that I just don't want to put out in cyberspace. Namely, I'm a military wife who refuses to put any single person's life in danger by blabbing.

I would love to let the entire world know what's been going on. It would be easier to let it all out here, trust me. I could vent, maybe get some kind words of encouragement, but I leave that for Facebook and cryptic messages that I hate posting, because I really, really hate when people do that. I'm pretty sure I've only done it once, and the people that know and love me know what's going on.

So, sorry poor little blog. But things are getting more stable, and maybe I'll finally figure out how to write normally again.

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One Wink at a Time said...

It's hard to keep one's mouth shut sometimes but usually for the best in the long run. Once in awhile I have to rant about my job so I resort to pw protection for fear of getting Dooced. But if I held it all in, I would explode. That's why we blog, after all, right?