Friday, August 28, 2009

Because it's a good thing no one reads this...

Fine, Adam's deployed overseas. Happy? I know it's stupid to announce I'm alone, but I should also announce I have a huge arsenal of guns, my hands are licensed as weapons in 47 states, and I have had ninja training since the age of 9 months. And I'm Irish-if you haven't figured out now not to mess with me, well then I just feel sorry for you.

It's hard to live knowing this and not being able to share it. Like I said in my last post 26 years ago, it helps to share this stuff with people.

So, this is what has happened in the less than 3 weeks since he's been gone:

* Addison sliced his finger with scissors while cutting popsicle sticks. He has a popsicle-stick addiction, but we have enrolled him in a 12-step program, especially after the 17 birdhouses he made and put in various spots in the yard so the neighbors could see them.
I called the "clinic" we go to at the Airfield, and the lady told us to come in. Wonderful, I thought. Until his doctor said, "Oh, we don't do stitches here or even the Dermabond (skin glue)." Gee thanks lady-who-answered-the-phone. You're on my shit list.
So we went to the ER, and the P.A. looked at it and deemed it not bad enough for stitches, "on the verge" as he put it, and glued it up. I specifically told him Addison was playing tackle football. "Oh, he can do anything in 3 hours," I was told.
The next night at football practice the cut split right open-the glue virtually disappeared within 5 minutes. Asshole.
I'm getting to the point-he got stitches. Three of 'em. And my boy never cried, not once.

* I changed the turn signal bulb in my car. I figured out what was wrong with it, consulted my manual, and did it all myself. Not a huge deal, I know, but I like knowing I can do it. Sometimes I think I might even be more handy than some men.

* I've spent hours and hours taking care of small problems that have arisen in the Family Readiness Group. As the leader, I do a lot for the 40+ wives in our company. They have all been so sweet, it makes it all worth it if I help out just one person. I know, if you know me you're wondering if this is really Erin. I promise. I'm softening as I get older. I actually enjoy making a difference, lessening someone's worry or sadness is worth it.

This is getting way too long, and if I didn't know me I'm sure I would have stopped reading this awhile ago. If you're still reading, thanks. If not, fuck you. (jk-NOT)


One Wink at a Time said...

Erin, I put you on my blogroll soon after you started on the Peevery staff because I love how you write and you make me laugh. I got busy then and didn't make it back... Also I'm famous for committing myself to things and then finding that I've overextended myself...
Just saying hi and wishing you the best being Home Alone and all...
I'm JuJu's mom in case you didn't know. I hope you post more often than she does... ;-)

Erin said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, I really do appreciate them!
Hello JuJu's mom! Nice to meet you!