Monday, November 9, 2009

Because every day is different...

I'll admit it - yesterday sucked. Sundays are the days I feel the loneliest, when I wish I had any sort of family within a reasonable driving distance. They're super depressing, especially when I read on Facebook how people are snuggling on the couch with their husbands, watching football, having family day, or having dinner with their parents. I'm insanely jealous of those people.

Today's better. I have a spark of energy. I have a better attitude. I refuse to sit around feeling sorry for myself, even though it's so much easier. I'm a fighter, not a lover, and will fight the loneliness until he's back home. Addison and I are counting down the days (even though we don't have a set date yet, just a general idea). That makes it easier, knowing it's closer on the horizon than it was yesterday. Until then, I'm counting my blessings every single moment of every single day. I highly recommend might realize life isn't so bad.


Peeved Michelle said...

What do you guys normally do on Sundays? I know we are going to have this issue when we move out of state. Granted, I will have my husband around, but I am used to having all of my extended family around all the time. Maybe you guys could do something like go to the movies every Sunday and then out to eat. That takes a lot of time but it will also be something to look forward to.

Erin said...

Our Sundays are always sports days. We're a huge sports-loving family, and usually make all kinds of food, sit down and watch football, baseball, NASCAR, golf, or whatever is on. Addison and I still do that, but we feel that constant, lingering feeling of Adam's absence.
Sometimes we'll go grocery shopping, or get together with friends, but usually it's family day.