Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Because I'm going to need lots of tissues...

Thursday afternoon will be tough. It's the day we will honor our unit's three fallen Soldiers with a memorial.

Adam decided to volunteer me to be the FRG representative several years ago for a memorial at our old battalion. When I got there, and saw I was smack in the front row, between the two families, I panicked. I didn't know their sons, I didn't know them, and I felt very uncomfortable.

Everything was fine until they did rollcall. I was absolutely devastated when the sergeant major was calling out for the fallen Soldiers. For a split second, I wondered, "Doesn't he know they've passed away? Why is he calling for them? Why isn't anyone telling him they're not here?" Then I realized it's a tradition, and the sergeant major hadn't gone batshit crazy. That's when my tears started. I could hear the families crying, and I could not stop my own tears from falling. Though I didn't know the Soldiers, rollcall will drive the toughest nut to crack and cry. It's incredibly sad. Then, of course, they played Taps.

This will happen again at the memorial Thursday afternoon, when we will honor three incredibly brave men who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, for all of us. These men will rightly be honored, and many tears have and will be shed for them, mine included. RLTW.


Amber said...

I will be thinking of everyone in your Battalion on Thursday. The families of these heroes will be in my prayers as well. RLTW

ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ said...

I think you are a very brave "soldier," too.