Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear Douchebag...

Dear Douchebag,

We all watched as you grabbed your kid out of the dugout not even an hour into the game. You looked like an asshole. Just because your kid didn't start the game didn't mean she wasn't going to play. She was about to go in at the beginning of the next inning, but because you're a douchebag, your child missed out on playing in her first baseball game of the season.

I ask, what does this teach your child about sportsmanship? That she's always going to start? No child should believe that they will always start. I always tell my own child there will always be someone better than him. Not to make him feel bad, but to not let him get a big head because he got a homerun or made an out. This is true in all aspects of life, not just sports.

Baseball is a team sport, and you not only cheated your kid, you cheated the other kids on the team. What sort of example are you setting? A real shitty one if you ask me.

You left a bitter taste in my and many other parents' mouths. One even called you a bitch. I consider that nice.

Then you have the gall to call the coach and leave a winded message that you expect your child to start the next game. Who made you God? The coach is in charge for a reason, and you're lucky I'm not the coach, because I would be reporting your ass to the organization that you're threatening me.

Lady, you're setting your kid up for a lifetime of failure, because you can't control your anger and competitiveness. I still can't believe you threatened your own kid with being grounded if she didn't hit the ball.

There's a reason we call people douchebags, and you're it.

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