Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If you missed me on TV...

Yes, I did a favor for my friend in the post Public Affairs Office and did an interview for CNN along with three other military wives on what it's like to live on a military paycheck.
Since we were on our way back from N.C., I didn't get to see it on TV, but my friend Jen let me know she watched it on CNN.com so of course I crusied over and watched it. Can you tell it was overcast and we had bright lights on us? Yeah, we were squinty.
On the plus side, the hours of grooming I did that morning paid off-not a gray hair in sight.
If you go to www.cnn.com and search in the videos it's called something like, "Six kids on $30K a year." No, not me! One kid is good with me, thanks.

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