Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paps Jr.

Once again, I am a very proud momma.

I almost shit my pants when Addison told me he would be pitching in last night's baseball game. He's never pitched before. I was so nervous for him, and I didn't need to be.

My boy struck out 13 (it might have been 14 I was shaking and having a hard time making the hash marks with a Sharpie on a deposit slip) batters. Yet his team still lost. He made 99% of the outs so all I can say is that when the other team did get a hit off him, there was a big E made by his fellow eight players. Pshaw.

After every single pitch, he looked over to me. I gave him thumbs up or clapped. When he had a minute between batters, he looked over at me, dropped down real low and puckered up his mouth, a la Jonathan Papelbon. I almost pissed my pants laughing. What a ham - just like his dad.

I wish Adam could have been there to see it, and share my nervousness, but he is in California until tomorrow.

Addison can't pitch in the next game because he pitched the entire game (5 1/3 innings) but I'm sure next weekend he will start again. Addison did an awesome job, and thank you, Adam, for throwing down a piece of wood in the backyard and showing him how to push off it and throw his leg out as far as possible.
Way to go, Boy, and thanks for the best Mother's Day gift ever.

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