Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Because sometimes I forget how witty I am...

Because I sometimes forget how witty I am, I end up feeling like an idiot.

I remembered last week that we still had a gift card to Chefs.com from Adam's family. Dang, I thought, let's buy something for the new house. Adam and I decided to get a new toaster, since our toaster oven is at that "Yeah I'll clean it and it will still be dirty" stage. Adam also picked out some really nice stainless-steel mixing bowls and we only ended up paying $3.48.

We put in the order online, and because I'm weird, I always write myself a gift message. Hey, it's free, and when I would buy stuff online while Adam was deployed, I would always write myself little notes like, "You're doing a great job Erin!" and cheesy stuff like that. When I got whatever I bought in the mail, it was a nice reinforcement from myself.

Today the FedEx guy dropped off a big package. I opened it, after telling the Baby dog that my new toaster was here, and the first thing I saw was a Cuisinart coffeemaker. Huh? Then I saw a little card on it that said "Happy Housewarming! From the Nash Family."

I seriously thought that Adam's dad, who had given us the gift card, had sent us housewarming presents. Oh boy, I thought, I just bought a new Cuisinart coffeemaker on a great sale a few weeks ago. I went through it in my mind how I would tell him thanks, but I just bought a new one.

Then I noticed another box. Inside it was stainless steel mixing bowls! Wow, what a coincidence! That's when it hit me-I was a total idiot.

This was OUR order, and the company messed up and sent me a coffeemaker instead of a toaster, even though on the invoice it says a KRUPS DIGITAL COUNTDOWN TOASTER. So, because they're stupid, I have to rebox it and drive 20 minutes to get to a Kinko's and return it.

Their stupidity made me realize my own. Now I'm going to hibernate until I need to use my brain again, which, for society's sake, I really hope isn't anytime soon.

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