Friday, January 30, 2009

Because I'm proud...

I usually try not to blog too much about Addison, my 9-year-old son, because I know if I start reading someone's blog and it's all about their kids, I automatically start zoning out. No offense to their kids and their love of their kids, but I'm not a kid person and really don't want to read about their life as a mom. Call me a bitch, that's fine, because I usually am one.

But, today, I'm so proud of my boy. His teacher called to let me know about his progress (straight A's, gets along with all the other kids, he's great, yada yada yada-I don't expect anything less from him but am also tickled pink he's awesome). Towards the end of the conversation, she let me know how Addison gave her a small wake-up call.

She said that every morning, when they say the Pledge of Allegiance, she thinks it's so great how Addison stands so ramrod still, just like a Soldier. She realized she had pretty much just been mouthing through the Allegiance, not really thinking about it, but since seeing Addison and how serious he was about it, it gave her pause and now she takes it to heart every day.

I told her how when Addison was younger, whenever the Star-Spangled Banner came on TV (usually every weekend, since we're redneck NASCAR lovers), he would stand up, salute and sing the song.

It makes me proud to have a child who reveres our country and our flag. Yeah, he's a military child, but he enjoys it and knows what his father does and had done for our country-that makes him proud. Me too, obviously, but that's for a different day.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I was raised proud like that too. My dad is a Vietnam Vet & he taught us to have appreciation & respect for things like the flag, the Pledge, the National Anthem. We were taught young to stand up when the Star Spangled Banner was played at any event, hands over our hearts & the only time our mouths should be moving is if we're singing along. Even if we were just watching on tv, we should cease conversation long enough to honor the flag & all that it stands for.

Trish | eMOM said...

Big kudos to your son for being such a great student and such a great patriot!