Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because I'm a snob...

Because I'm a snob, or let me rephrase that, used to be a snob, I used to turn my nose up at Goodwill. Don't get me wrong, I've donated tons of stuff to them, but the thought of buying clothes there just seemed gross to me. Why would I want someone's castoffs? What if I was out and about and someone saw me wearing what they donated?

Who cares, is what I say now.

Addison just started in the gifted program at his school, and he's doing an introduction as an announcer for another kid in his class, who is giving a presentation on Muhammad Ali. Addison asked me to try to find him a black blazer for his introduction.

Ummm, boy, I love you and all, but it's almost March and every store has shorts, T-shirts and bathing suits out. I did look around Wal-Mart, but was in no way, shape or form buying a $40 blazer. Sorry, child, but unless we went to church every week (sorry Grammie and Mom) it's just not going to happen.

Then I remembered Goodwill, where we donated everything the seller of our house left when she blew town.

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was. It didn't smell like mothballs or colostomy bags. I found lots of blazers and found one that will be a little big on the boy, but for $5, he can't complain.

So I started looking through the dresses and skirts. I found two really cute dresses and a skirt, and even got a book. Everything came to $17. I'm still a little skeeved about wearing clothes someone else probably wore (some stuff still has tags on it, so I'm guessing it was never worn), but after a washing my sieve-like mind will forget all about it.

I'm embarrassed that I was such a snob. They are good people working there, hard workers, and I'll definitely go back in the near future.

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