Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because it's Tuesday...

I don't know how to follow the Because it's Tuesday title, because I really don't have a general subject for writing today, I just figured I've posted so far and few lately I'd check in.

I would have to say that writing is like reading for me. Sometimes I'll read two or three books a week, and other times I won't pick up a book for months. So sometimes I'll write everyday and other times I'll take a break.

Anyway, it's going swimmingly here in Pooler. I hate saying Savannah, because really, I live in Pooler, which is the next town over, but if I tell anyone from outside the area I live in Pooler, Georgia, they will have no clue where I mean. Savannah is much easier, because really, if you live anywhere within a one hour radius of Boston, you claim you're from Boston, right?

Not much going on lately. Getting ready for lots of visitors. My dad and stepmom get here Friday for three days, then my mom and her husband will be here next weekend for a few days. In three weeks Adam's mom and brother will be here for four days. I welcome the company, and always look forward to seeing family, which not everyone is lucky enough to be able to claim. I am lucky.

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