Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Because it's so AWEFUL...

I consider myself to be a pretty good speller. I attribute this to my love of reading anything and everything. I've been devouring books since I learned how to read, and I know this has only been a good thing.

What is really, really bothering me lately is misspelled words. I just saw "awful" spelled "aweful" and "breath" spelled "breathe."

I understand not everyone is a good speller, but seriously, "aweful"? I like to make fun of Adam because in every letter he's ever written me from overseas, he spells "truly" as "truely." I can see where this would happen, and it's usually included in a very nice sentiment, so I let it slide.

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, my grammar bitch comes out. I don't say anything, but if I see "your" and "you're" wrong one more time, I really will scream.

Did I mention I worked at a newspaper for 10 years as a copy editor? That would explain it. If I can just keep my red pen off the computer screen, I'll be good.


Amber said...

You may be talking about a comment left on my blog...I saw that too. I am not the best speller and do slip up but I LOVE the little red line that Firefox uses to help me out. On one of my message boards I have been dubbed the grammar bitch as well, I just can't stand people using "I" when they really need "me".

Jen said...

No no's not you. It's something I struggle with too...or should I say two, or to! Drives me batty too. Maybe it was our alone time with a speak and spell.


feel better.

~**Dawn**~ said...

The only thing that drives me even more crazy is when I catch one of my own typos a split second too late.