Monday, July 20, 2009

Because I really, really want to go back...

One week ago today, the Nash family was in the truck, on our way to Disney World. We picked up my brother-in-law from his hotel and proceeded to have five fun-filled days, riding awesome rollercoasters and doing the whole Disney experience.

I want to go back.

While we were relaxing in our hotel room at the awesome Caribbean Beach Resort (it would have been more awesome without me trying to squeeze by the big-ass ugly ducks and asking them kindly to please don't bite me), I ruminated out loud, "Could you possibly live at Disney World? You know, like how some people live in hotels? If you're rich, can you just live at a Disney hotel for like a year?"

No one had a good answer for this. So for now I'm going to focus on winning the lottery so I can live at WDW. A girl can dream, right?

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~**Dawn**~ said...

I suppose you *could* live at WDW but living 15 minutes from your front door to Mickey's? Just a good. Well minus the fun of staying in a resort hotel of course. Now I'm about 50 minutes away. Not *quite* as good but it makes for a better commute to work & I am still close enough to go on a whim. ;-)