Monday, April 19, 2010

Because it worked last year...

I really didn't think I'd need to be writing this two weeks into the season, but once again, the Red Sox are shittin' the bed.

This happened at the beginning of last season. Loss after loss after loss prompted me to take to my blog and publicly decry their crappy play. So, here I am again. I'm not asking, Sox, I'm TELLING. Get your shit together. Theo, if you have to pay someone to take Papi, as much I love him and the clutch hitting he's done in the past, do it. He sucks. And if you are paying someone that much money and they're not doing their job, you fire them. It happens in real life. I know, contracts and yada yada yada, but do the right thing.

I have so much Sox gear, yet I really don't feel like parading around in it like I usually do, year round here in Georgia. I'm still a part of RSN, I'm no bandwagoner, but seriously boys, let's start playing some baseball.


~**Dawn**~ said...

They'll be all right. It's two weeks in. Plenty of time to remove heads from backsides (and strap Bill Hall to an outbound rocket ship). We need to see a little more Lowell, methinks--and not just because I love him; I just don't understand letting a solid bat stagnate on the bench when the one(s) in the lineup are limp & lifeless. I'm confident they will shape up soon. After all, next up on the docket are Texas & Baltimore, both teams who have been struggling at least as much as the Sox & since there are no ties in baseball, this dictates that the slump must stop for one team or the other. (Talk me off the ledge if, a week from now, it's Texas & Baltimore that shook off the slump.) In the mean time, I am focusing on the silver lining: think of all the Pink Hats we're shedding! They'll be donning pinstripes or sunbeam gear before the weekend. ;-)

Erin said...

I think it worked! It was great to see Drew and Lowell in there, doing their thing last night. Believe!