Thursday, September 9, 2010

Because I like stuff ...

Life's not all about complaining, which is easy to do but gets old. Here's what I am loving on lately:

- Sue Heck from the show The Middle, on ABC. She's so naive and so upbeat it's hard not to love her.

-The smell of Gain. I have Gain laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, Febreze scented with Gain, and even a Gain-scented Febreze candle. It's a clean scent and very pleasing to the olfactory.

-I picked three pictures from throughout the year and got our Christmas cards made. I love them.

-Antibiotics. I wreaked havoc on my bowels taking a week's worth of Keflex for a staph infection in my face in July. It never quite went away (the infection). I finally got a primary care physician (a civilian - I can't tell you how much this pleases me) and he gave me a Z-Pak. Please, please work antibiotic.

-Online shopping. Seeing the UPS man pull up makes me giddy.

-Warm baths and melatonin. I'm finally sleeping through the night again.

-I love the Capital One commercial with the guy who says his name is "Peggy." It's a funny one.

-The anticipation of Fall. Sure, Fall in the South is nothing like it was growing up in New England; but, I've lived here long enough to wait for that one really hot week of weather, followed by a day of rain and thunderstorms, and then the lessening of the humidity. Bye bye Summer.

-Football. Since my Red Sox are sucking more than a Dyson, my focus is slightly shifting to football. I love football. Not as much as baseball, but I love it nonetheless.

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Lani said...

I can definitely confirm that she's gets super giddy when the UPS delivery person shows up. She either jumps up and down that they are there or runs and hides. Either way it's great entertainment if you're able to witness it!