Friday, September 3, 2010

Because I'm reading this now ...

I finished Star Island by Carl Hiaasen. It was a good, funny read, but after I finished it I wondered the the actual point of the book was. Maybe I'm not the best grasper of the point of a book unless it's right there in my face. Regardless, I enjoyed reading it.
Now I'm reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. He wrote The Corrections, which I've never read, but did download last week. I believe I bought it back in 2002 when it was published, but wasn't quite ready to read it. Now it looks a lot more interesting to me. I truly believe that as I get older, I'm a lot more open to reading new things, things I wouldn't have touched back in my early to mid-20s. I think I just really like learning, especially since I have no job and am not the most social person. I like being by myself, I'm comfortable with myself to spend hours alone. Of course, I do miss Addison when he's at school.
Anyway, I've been sick since yesterday, a fever (hopefully I'm sweating off some of these nonsmoker pounds) and I always think, "Oh, I'm stuck on the couch sick, what a great time to read." Duh. I always forget that when I'm sick I'm useless, and pretty much sleep the sleep of the sick. When I'm awake I watch t.v., because that's how sick I am, too sick to do anything else. I was so damn cold last night, I was shivering, but sweating, and had to wait for Addison to come in from outside to ask him to run a hot bath for me. I was miserable!
Today's better, but I'm still sweating this fever out. This might be a good reading day - in between washing all the sick stuff (sheets, clothes, etc.)

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