Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I'm a non-smoker now...

I've been a non-smoker for almost two weeks now. It's been surprisingly easy, especially since I'm using the patch. I really don't miss it. I suppose the pull of wanting to live a healthy, longer life appealed more to me than smoking. Who will teach my grandkids (in 20 years, thank you very much) how to fetch beers if I'm dead?

Along with not smoking, I'm exercising. Not because I like it so much, although the endorphins are pretty awesome, but because I'm eating like a heifer. At least I'm aware of it, so I don't end up looking like Roseanne, but still ... I had a really hard time not buying the humongous box of Snickers today at Sam's. I would probably sit down and eat about 10 in one sitting. My appetite has returned, I can smell my food, and damn, I like to eat now. Wonderful. I'm really hoping the exercise keeps the fat off. It looks like it's Fruit City from here on out.

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