Thursday, January 17, 2008

Posh I'm Not

I tend to get wild hairs up my ass now and then. Usually it's something to do with my hair. I've been blond, brunette and a redhead. The blond really didn't work and I'm mad at everyone who didn't tell me I looked like shit, but oh well, I'm now working a reddish brown and I think I'm doing pretty good.

For the record: I have FINE hair, not thin. Fine hair and thin hair are two totally different things. I have plenty of hair, it's just not thick. It's like a baby's hair, when it's wispy because it's FINE.
So I've been really digging the inverted bob that Posh Spice and Jenny McCarthy have been rocking. Now I am the proud owner of a reddish brown inverted bob, although it's much longer than Posh's picture on the left.
I enjoy this new style, it's something different for me, who usually has just the long, straight hair that is pretty lifeless but it's hard to style FINE hair because as soon as you style it, it's gone.
Here's the hardest thing to admit: The inverted bob is killing my OCD. It's not evenly cut, because it's not supposed to be, and it sometimes bothers me. How bad is that?

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Big A/ Hun said...

I have to say, let that OCD go because you are rocking that hair cut, but then again you could rock the latest and greatest Britney cut, and I am not just saying it because I cut it. I would venture to say you could even go a little bit shorter and with more angle, but I know you would need to even it out. You look great. L A+E Hun