Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why you'll never be invited over for supper

I can't cook. I freely admit this. Cooking to me is throwing something in the microwave and crossing my fingers it cooks all the way through.

I've never been a "foodie." I only eat when I'm hungry, and only because my blood sugar gets low and I become quite the bitch, more so than usual. I don't enjoy trying new food, and only do it because Adam will bug me until I do.

I've tried to cook. I've looked up recipes, but if it involves more than 4 ingredients I'm immediately turned off.

Maybe it's because I'm Irish. Any seasoning other than salt and butter throws me for a loop. Maybe because I didn't have a huge array of different foods growing up. I'm okay with this, though, doesn't bother me one bit.

I feel bad for my Adam, who grew up with a mom who can cook anything and everything and is quite good at it. I almost cried the other night when I served him pork chops that the NHL could have used in place of the usual puck.

I feel inadequate when Adam talks to his mom and she's cooking this or baking that. Homemade apple pie? I don't like pie, so I don't make it. I make Addison cheesecake from the box. I made brownies from the box. I make cookies from a box or premade dough. Betty Crocker I'm not.

So, if you're hungry, my house is not the place to come to, unless Adam is cooking. He's a great cook, because as he once told me, "I learned how to cook after we got married because otherwise I would have starved." Love ya too Hun.


Anonymous said...

I had a friend who wanted me to join her recipe swapping blog...

"Uhhh... Sav, I don't use recipes..."

"Well how do you cook?"

"I take the pork chops... throw them on the grill... flip... flip... flip... eat."

kristina said...

We sound like similar cooks.

Am enjoying your blog.

Thanks for commenting on mine on BabyCenter.