Friday, October 31, 2008

I got a BIG shout out! Whoopee!

I was revisiting the Web site to read a new guest post and scrolled down to mine and noticed there were four comments. They were very nice and like I commented also, it's strange to me to get kudos on my writing. It may sound weird or selfish, but I write for myself, not with a reader in mind.

I guess I feel that if I write for the intended reader, I'm losing the intent of what and why I'm writing. Usually when I write anything, it's from my heart.

Anyway, long story short-one of the commentators was a woman named Phyllis Zimbler Miller, who is an author of a book called Mrs. Lieutenant, about her and three other women who sent their husbands off to Vietnam. I'm definitely interested in reading it.

Mrs. Zimbler Miller thought it was such a great guest post that she talked about it on her own blog at It's dated Oct. 29 and has the link back to the emailourmilitary Web site.

Thank you, Mrs. Z.M. You made my week!


Phyllis Zimbler Miller said...

Erin --
I should thank you. Your post was so compelling I just had to blog about it.

Trish | eMailOurMilitary said...

See how cool you are? =)