Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Because I'm pretty sure I deserve a medal, or at least a chest to pin it on...

It was an interesting few days last week, to say the least.
Adam was gone to Fort Bragg Monday through Wednesday night. No biggie. We spent an hour or two with him Wednesday night. Thursday morning he left for work as usual. Then he called Thursday afternoon, letting me know he'd be home soon.

Not half an hour later I got a text which basically said, "Might be a long night." Okay, fine, but I felt bad he would miss Addison's baseball game. (The Boy got a homerun and triple-woot)

Eventually, it came down to this...an entire battalion of men was locked down because of missing equipment. There was no endpoint in sight. Okay, fine, I'll take Addison to practice and do my thing, go to the pool with my friends, etc.

We had plans to leave Friday morning to go back to Fort Benning to visit and watch the Best Ranger Competition. I held out hope he'd be released so we'd be able to go, but unfortunately it never happened.

My point is this...a shit ton of wives were up in arms. Some actually went and protested. Huh? It hadn't even been 24 hours since the lockdown. They embarrassed themselves and their husbands, even I was embarrassed for them.

I just don't understand many of these fellow wives who whine and complain about never seeing their husbands. Um, this is their job. It's a special operations job, and my best advice is this - get a life, because you can't live through your husband. You can't ever be guaranteed your husband will be around for your birthday, for Christmas, or any other special day or holiday. It's the nature of the beast.

As for me, maybe it's just my experience as being a wife in this unit. Thirteen years has been a long time, but you'll never see me splashing my discontent and bitterness on Facebook. Why bitch about stuff you have absolutely no control over?

I don't get it. Maybe I never will. Or maybe they're the ones who will never get it.

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