Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it wrong?

I was feeling a headache coming on when going into the PX from lack of caffeine, so after my shopping was done, I buzzed into Starbucks. While I was in line (most of the people who work there have been "touched by an angel") I started a raging debate in my head with myself.

"Should I give a fake name if asked? Nah, just give them your name. But then I'll have to spell it because this lady looks like she's never heard the name Erin and she'll end up spelling it Aaron and that will just piss me off."

I had a lot of time to think. "What name did I always want? I don't think I ever wanted a different name. Maybe Paige. But I did want to name my future girl Delaney when I was about 8, but that doesn't count."

I ordered my grande mocha light frappuccino and was asked my name.

I didn't hesitate.

"Britney," I told her, without missing a beat and not cracking a smile a bit.

"Brittany" is how she wrote it and I'm fine with that, because obviously, it's not my real name so I couldn't care less.

So the question is, is it wrong to fuck with the Starbucks "baristas" because I can, even when I'm by myself? Sure, it's more fun when Adam or Addison is with me and we do the famous couples, but when you're by yourself, is it just plain wrong? And if it is, why is it so friggin' fun? Maybe it's time for a new hobby.

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