Friday, February 8, 2008

Sign Me Up!

Seems like the cool thing to do these days is go to rehab. Britney, Lindsay and every other Hollywood-type seems to be going to rehab. Even Amy Winehouse, who I was convinced, after listening to her song, Rehab, would never be caught dead in rehab. For her, though, it really was a case of life and death. Bitch be crazy coked up 24/7.
Now it seems like everyone is doing the whole rehab thing. Eva Mendes (from the movie Hitch, which I have only seen half of) checked into rehab for "personal issues." Kirsten Dunst (Fang-teeth) checked into the same rehab. Even the scuzzy guy on Grey's Anatomy checked into rehab, although for "sleep disorder problems" or something stupid like that and stayed two days. Never heard of that, but whatever, I don't care.
My favorite excuse for hospitalization is "exhaustion." Um, yeah, because you know what? Us regular people never get exhausted. Our military men and women love to work 'round the clock in hostile lands and try to stay alive. The families left at home to manage life singlehandedly never get tired of doing it all. Life's a piece of cake, apparently, unless you're famous.
Here's my advice to you famous people - Shut the hell up. No one cares. Take care of your personal issues and realize that 99% of the general public works harder than you and you have no reason to be exhausted. Try walking in the shoes of someone else and quit yer whining.

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