Tuesday, February 5, 2008

U R Dead 2 Me TB

Hey Tom Brady-

You have made my husband a happy man. Well, sort of. Because this season he made the difficult decision to switch teams. No, not like that. He finally gave up on the Jets to be a NE Pats fan. Wow, smart move, and yes, I accused him of jumping on the bandwagon, but for a born and bred New England boy (we have both lived in two New England states) I let it slide.

Until Sunday night. What a pitiful performance. I wanted to see history made (like my '04 Sox), along with many others, including non-NE fans. Maybe you should dump that horse-faced, man-looking chick you call a girlfriend. Look what happened to Romo and his man-looking, butt-chinned gf. It's called karma Tom, and it happened to you.

Yeah, I bet you're pissed just like all of NE fans who are still in shock. Luckily, I have a very understanding, tough husband who let me take my frustations out on him. Sorry, Adam, for the scratches and gouges taken out of your skin.

Tom, you are dead to me, at least until September. You need to work your way back into my good graces. You need to prove you're more than just a pretty, pretty face. By God, you're pretty, but that's no longer enough for me. I need you to come through for me. That means the big game. 18-1 is good, but we could have been great.

I'm done bitching and I have one thing to say - Bring on the NASCAR. And Jr., if you disappoint me, I'm going to have to start idolizing Papelbon, and my jig skills are not up to par.

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