Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because I'm mean...

Because I'm mean, I often make fun of my dog, Baby. She's a 12-pound Silky Terrier, and to put it nicely, her cuteness makes up for her lack of brains.

She's not terribly stupid, but after Bessie, our first daughter, a Black Lab mix, any dog seems stupid.

Baby has proven me wrong today though. She's a regular Lassie-loyal to her boy, no matter what.

Every morning, I jokingly tell Baby that she can't go to school with Addison. She stands at the door and watches as he walks away with his friend and cries. Ok, cute, I know, but yesterday she surprised me.

When Addison opened the door to go, Baby dashed outside, ready to go to school with the boy. She tried it again this morning.

I owe you an apology, Baby, but you still can't go to school.

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BobbiWired said...

AWWWW She knows you don't think she smart - so what better way to fix that, than to go to school? :))