Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to Have Fun at Starbucks

Fake names, of course. It all started with Adam and I. Adam said to give fake names, like of famous couples. Our first time, I ordered my grande mocha light frappucino and when asked my name, answered, of course, "Britney." Adam ordered his drink and when asked his name, (stay with me here), replied, "Kevin." We had a good ol' chuckle on behalf of the Starbucks employees who seemed to have no clue what we were doing. We did feel bad, though, when Brit Brit and K-Fed broke up, as if we had something to do with it.
The next time, I gave the name Katie. Adam gave the name Tom and within a second bolted over to the tables. He was afraid of busting out laughing, which I was having a very hard time not doing myself.
Before we visit Starbucks, we think of famous couples. Next time we will be David and Victoria.
But today, Addison and I were feeling a need for a caffeine fix so we stopped in after shopping at the PX (Underdog the movie and a football for Addison and a George Foreman grill for me-Merry Christmas Erin). While were in line, Addison said, "If they ask your name, tell them Jessica." When she asked my name, I said "Jessica." Addison started grinning. He had ordered a caramel mochiatto or something like that I had never heard of, and when she asked for his name, I told her, "Joe." It just sprung to mind, and for those of you who are not regular Us Magazine readers, Joe is Jessica Simpson's dad who is creepy and talks about his daughter's twin assets on a regular basis.
It's just a small day to brighten up your day-our inside joke on Starbucks.

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