Thursday, April 17, 2008

Best Ranger Eve

It's an exciting day at Fort Benning. Tomorrow begins the 25th annual Best Ranger Competition. I've got a soft spot for it, probably because my husband and his fellow soldier won in it in 2004.

He also competed in 2002 (5th place) and last year (3rd place). Luckily, he's retired from competing, although this year he is the coach of all the teams in his unit. I know he's gotta be nervous, and I hope he gets to feel just one iota of the stress I've felt all three times. It's a fun time, but stressful, especially when you're on the sidelines, cheering on your husband.

We will be out there all weekend, especially Adam. Wish the 75th good luck!
Picture info: Adam rounded up his the guys in his unit and made this awesome photo-finish. It brought tears to my eyes, and many others. It was an awesome show of solidarity. Adam is second from the left, the handsome one, of course, with No. 19 on his chest.

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