Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gotta Brag

I really hate those moms and dads that think their kid's shit don't stink. The ones who brag that their kid is "the best" at whatever they choose to do. But I gotta throw my kid a bone here.

Last night was his first baseball practice. I begged, borrowed and stealed (okay, that's a bit dramatic, but it was a hell of a time) to get Addison aged-up to 9-11 year-old baseball, even though he doesn't turn 9 until June. But I knew coach-pitch baseball would not be challenging for him. Why? Because he was born a natural athlete. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother. The child literally is awesome at whatever sport he plays. He got his first set of plastic golf clubs at the age of 1 from his grandpa and hasn't looked back. He can outdrive me and has been known to putt balls around the house, because, as he told me, he's "gotta work on my short game."

Thank God that I was able to get him into baseball. He's right at the older kids' level, if not a little above. He's got a great arm and can just about make the throw from third to first. Once he gets in his groove, he can hit the ball into the outfield.

Maybe I'm not so much bragging as I am just a proud mom. I don't understand how some parents can sit there and think it's cute that their kid tries to bat with one arm. Huh? I would die of embarrassment if Addison threw the ball like a rainbow, or thought it was time to act stupid and dance around while out on the field.

If that was my kid, before baseball ever started, I would have them out at the field, teaching them at least how to catch or the proper way to hold a bat. The reasoning that they've never played before doesn't fly with me. Work with them!!!! Take one hour out of your busy schedule and play with your kid. They can only go up.

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