Monday, April 7, 2008

Shoot Me Now

Every year I get it into my head that yes, I can have an organized house. And every year I lug out the trash bags and just start chucking. Where did we accumulate all this crap from? Do we really need five comforters and sets of sheets?

Then my OCD kicks in and I try to do it all at once. I can't help it, my mind takes over my body and by the end of day 1, my muscles ache and my brain is fried.

Why do I do this? I guess I figure that if everything is organized and has a place, life will be that much better. I hate clutter and I hate when I need something simple, like a stapler, and know I have one somewhere, but just can't remember the last place I saw it.

I still have a long way to go but I have made great headway. I even got Adam to go through his drawers and now they are nice and neat. I told him everything that belonged to me was clean and organized and that his clutter was blocking my good chakra. I was talking out of my ass, of course, but it worked, and it does feel much better to go to bed in a room where I know everything is clean and organized. Makes putting the laundry away much easier too.

Am I trying to be perfect? No. I'm just sick of too much crap in the house. Everyone needs to spring clean and get the clutter out at least once a year. My time is now even though I'm cursing myself for getting started.

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