Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alpacas in Minivans?!

I'm a curious person. I like to learn new things all the time.

My interest was piqued after seeing a commerical for alpacas. Al-what? I thought. Wtf is an alpaca and why is there a commercial hawking the alpaca lifestyle? Even better, there's a Web site called www.ilovealpacas.com. Of course, I had to surf over.

I first went to the Alpaca Facts link. Blah blah blah, treasured by Incans for their fur, blah blah blah. Until I came across this:

Alpacas are small and gentle enough to travel short distances in the family minivan and are easily handled by most people.

Why the hell would you want to take an alpaca for a drive in the family minivan? It's as idiotic to me as the clams I buy that instructs me to take the clams out of the plastic bag BEFORE I put them in the oven. Oh, gosh, thanks, I often put plastic bags full of food into the oven because I like plastic-coated food.

So, I read more on the Web site about investing in alpacas, because at this point I'm still not quite sure what the point is of having an alpaca. I loved the end of the article:

Friendly and trainable yet hardy and tough, the alpaca is truly an investment you can hug. Have you ever hugged your stocks?

I like the trainable part. Maybe I'll get one and get it to jump through a hoop set on fire. Or maybe not, since if it's got singed hair, I probably won't want to hug my investment.

Whoopee! There's an alpaca farm probably about two hours from me I can visit.

Yeah right. I'll stick with dogs, since I don't and will never own a minivan and I don't think Adam wants to drive around with an alpaca in the bed of his truck. It's a funny visual, though.

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