Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's with the 'tude, kid?

I've noticed a trend among the kids Addison plays baseball with. Simply put, they've got BAD attitudes.

There's one kid in particular, who I really have to restrain from bitch slapping, who, if he doesn't play the position he wants, sulks the entire game. I actually gave him a talking to one day when he told Addison he was gay. I told him it was unacceptable to call anyone that and the 5-year-old came out in me and I threatened to tell his parents.

This same kid also tells his teammates they suck and that he can do better. Too bad he doesn't do better.

I overheard one kid say, "Oh, we're the visiting team. We always lose when we're the visitors." Way to have a positive attitude, kid.

I just wonder where these kids get these attitudes from. Were they born like that? Did their parents contribute to it? And why aren't their parents on them like white on rice, telling them to knock it off?

Adam and I laid down strict rules to Addison before he even had his first practice - no crying (unless you've actually broken a bone) or you'll go home and won't play again (this was because we've seen kids cry when they strike out and it's embarrassing and there's no reason for it); you're there to play baseball, not turn cartwheels or act like a 'tard; listen to your coach and does what he says, even if you don't like it; you're there to have fun (yes, it's nice to win, also, but even if you don't win, at least you had fun playing).

I like to think Addison has taken this to heart. He told me after one game that his team lost pretty badly, "We didn't win, but I did have fun." That makes it all worth it to me. Too bad more kids can't have a better attitude.

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