Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nine years ago today...

How does an old fart like me remember what I was doing nine years ago today? Because, as my son said, it's his birthday eve.

Nine years ago today, I think I had a feeling that I would be going into labor sooner than later. Adam and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and I remember having about a millimeter between my humongous stomach and the table.

Then we went and bought him a Playstation, because that was all the rage, just nine years ago.

We went home and played the Playstation, even though it only came with fake games. Not fake, I just can't remember the word for non-full games. Trial games, I guess you would say.

We played the Corvette racing game as much as we could.

That night, Adam fell asleep and I planned on going to sleep. Addison had other plans. I threw up at approximately midnight and had the trots. I was mad I threw up perfectly good food I paid good money for.

I figured I would go to sleep. That's when the labor pains started. Within two hours I had Adam awake timing contractions (he was actually sleeping while he was supposed to be doing this).

Finally, after much debate, we decided to go to the hospital. We had heard story after story about women in labor being told to go home because they hadn't progressed enough, so we were wary. We had no reason to be - I was 6 cm dilated and having a baby.

Long story short, the Playstation came back to haunt me. At 12:19 p.m. June 18, Addison Albert Nash was born via C-section. After the surgery, I was put on Demerol, sweet, sweet Demerol.

Because of video cameras, it is now recorded in history of me blabbering, "I don't want the faggy green Corvette." I have no idea why I said this or how the Corvette got into my conscious, but it did. It took me a couple years for me to laugh about this, because I was mortified that Adam was videotaping me and I had no clue. I would wake up, mutter about the Corvette, and pass back out.

Happy Birthday Eve, Addison Albert. I love you.

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