Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vitamin B12...puhleeze....

The newest thing going around here is Vitamin B12 shots. Fellow military wives are paying up to $200 a month for the shots and appetite supressants in an attempt to lose weight. Are you kidding me?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned exercise? B12 is not going to make you lose weight. It is going to give you energy, and if that helps you exercise, great, but seriously, you're better off paying $200 bucks a month for a personal trainer to get you off your butt.

Everyone wants to lose weight, but are too lazy to do it. Everyone wants a magic pill or magic shot because they can't put down the Twinkie and hit the gym. Apparently, if you're willing to pay enough, you can get whatever medicine you want from the doctors around here.

I don't have a lot of energy (I'm naturally lazy) but when I feel like I need to lose a couple pounds, I muster up as much motivation as I can and get on the treadmill. I walk around the field while my son is at football practice. Last night, I let my husband be my personal trainer. Um, yeah, do NOT let an Army Ranger be your trainer. You will be like me today-shaking arms, walking like I got a stick up my butt, etc.

I'm not knocking B12 shots, because if your doctor recommends them, then that's different. A lot of people need to look at their eating habits, lifestyle and exercise regimen before they go and seek out unnecessary medication, though.


Peeved Michelle said...

I started training with my husband a couple weeks ago. Thankfully I was on vacation because I couldn't walk for two days.

Jen14221 said...

Since my gastric bypass surgery, I have to take 4 chewable vitamins a day for the rest of my life. They each have 140mcg of Vitamin B12. This is 10,000% of the daily recommended daily value of B12 for normal folks. Not sure why I need so much but I'd like to make a few bucks, so tell your military wives to call me and I'll sell them some assy-tasting vitamins for a few dollars a pop.