Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tonsils - the bane of my existence

I hate my tonsils and always have, since I was little and got regular bouts of tonsilitis. My tonsils are big to begin with, and when they're infected they get huge. I've been able to feel a grain of rice try to slide between them at their largest. Ewwww.

Since Sunday, I have felt like crap. Hot and cold, cold and hot, overall just crappy. I had Adam look in my throat yesterday and he said my right tonsil was swollen. Lovely.

Why don't I go to the doctor? Because it's a military hospital. By the time I get an appointment whatever ails me will be long gone. I've tried to get them to take my tonsils out and they told me I had to have at least six documented cases of tonsilitis a year. Maybe if I could get in to see a doctor I could get them documented.

So I will continue to feel like crap. Even ibuprofen, which usually helps me feel better, isn't working.

And be glad I didn't put up a picture of tonsils, because they were all really gross.

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