Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My little big brain

I consider myself a pretty smart person. I kick ass on Jeopardy! and solve puzzles like no one's business on Wheel of Fortune. I'm a virtual trivia machine and sometimes surprise myself with the useless drivel I know. That said, I find stupid things funny.

For some reason, I find it funny if you add the word "the" before certain things that don't sound right, but makes it sounds funny. Example: "I love the bingo." "I wish I had more time to do the blogging." I wish I could think of more right now but my brain is farting.

Another thing I like is calling people by their first and last names, but only if I don't know them. Sit with me and watch the Red Sox, and listen to me say, "Let's go Mike Lowell!" "Great catch Jacoby Ellsbury!" I don't know why I do this, but it tickles me pink. I guess I feel like I don't know them personally, and after living in the South for the past 12 years, have acquired a modicum of manners and geniality.

Maybe I'm just really special. I'm sure most of my friends would agree.

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Anonymous said...

We can end this right now, you are a special one! Love you.