Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been gripped by a stomach virus for six days now. I finally feel better, can actually walk around and do some stuff, and my appetite is slooowly coming around. I wish it wouldn't, I'm enjoying my 5-pound weight loss, but oh well, it will give me motivation to work out and keep it off.

Yesterday was Friday, and I didn't have one drop of alcohol, like I usually do on Friday and Saturday nights. I figured a couple handfuls of Cheerios and a can of peaches wouldn't sit quite right with some Bud Lights. Plus, I really didn't feel like drinking. My 13-year-old neighbor is really worried, because Miss Erin always has beer on Friday nights.

Today I feel alright, but am about to take two Imodium ADs. Yeah, back to the diarrhea. I can't get a break.

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