Friday, July 11, 2008

Not the only one ...

Every once in a while any common sense I have goes out the window, and Adam likes to make fun of me. Last night, for instance, we were watching the weather, and the forecast for today said "numerous storms."
"Numerous, that's a lot," I told him. Sometimes these profound statements just fly out of my mouth before my brain has the chance to filter them.
Before everyone thinks I'm the only wack job in the house, let me present you this: Adam's consumerism is based on commercials. When Garnier Fructis started with commercials, I bought him the shampoo because he wanted it, because, in his words, "Those people are having fun." Because of the music, "Woo woo, woo woo" and the fact that the people in the commercials were having fun, he wanted the shampoo. I didn't argue, just bought it for him and imagined him singing the song as he washed his hair.
His newest thing is Amstel Light. I don't know if he's ever had one, but whenever we watch the Red Sox on NESN, there's a commerical for Amstel Light with cool music and people having fun. He said the other day he wanted to drink it because of the commerical. Mind you, he will deny any of this, so if you're reading this, Adam, don't even try to dispute it. The gist is right.
On my Friday beer run, I got him a six-pack of Amstel Light so he can identify with the commerical when we're watching the Sox tonight. No one can say I'm not a good wife in that aspect!

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