Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The cryptic title refers to my random musings, since my brain is always going and observing, and I feel the need to share everything I see that amuses or bugs me.

* I feel bad when I say a baby is ugly, because really, it's not their fault, but I am known for saying what I feel. And J.Lo's kids? Um, not so cute. The girl, Emme, looks like someone stuck a bowling ball on top her neck, and the boy, Max, looks just like Marc Anthony. Marc usually looks like a warmed-over skeleton who trimmed some pubes and stuck them on his face. I'm still wondering if J.Lo watched too many episodes of Dragon Tales (a really stupid cartoon Addison used to love) while pregnant, since the main characters are named Max and Emme.

* My biggest pet peeve of the week is celebrity interviews. Is it just me, you know, or do they sound like the biggest idiots, you know, when they're talking, you know? It drives me up a wall, you know, when in every sentence, you know, they say, "you know". Um, obviously we don't know, because that's why you're being interviewed, dipshit. They are lucky they have scripts, you know?

* There seems to be an open casting call for game shows for the biggest idiots alive. Case in point:

- On Lingo, a game show on the Game Show Network, you have to guess five-letter words and you get the first letter. On a recent show, a guy spelled "train" as "trian". Then he spelled "rifle" as "rifel". Hey bud, if you're going to go on a show where you have to spell, you might want to, I don't know, KNOW HOW TO SPELL. He actually misspelled other words too.

- This was the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. The clue was Before and After:




I will say it was kids, but older kids, who have obviously never seen 90210 or read a magazine. The poor kid tried saying TARI SPELLING BEE. I had to snicker, just because I'm mean like that.

- This is my favorite: The question on Family Feud was "Name a CITY where people are the rudest." Of course, they said New York, L.A., etc., until a genius gave her answer as "Florida." I admit, geography is not my strong point, but even I know Florida is a state, duh.

That's about it for now. I have to make an attempt to get everything together to leave at o'dark:30 Thursday for our trek to Wisconsin. Fourteen hours of family bonding time, that's all I'm going to say!

That's a random pic of Addison fishing on Sunday morning. He outfished Adam.

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