Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you, God

First off, I'll admit, I am a very lapsed Catholic girl. I rebelled against religion when I was a rambunctious teenager. But I've never given up on praying, because honestly, I believe in God and the basic premise, and I have my own relationship with Him.
I don't pray often, and I try not to pray only when I need something from God. Sometimes I just thank Him for what he's given me and ask him to watch over and bless others.
Two nights ago, I realized it's been almost four months since my beloved grandfather, Big Daddy, died. I love the psychic Sylvia Browne and remembered she said it took four months to pass over into heaven. So I started my conversation with God and asked Him to give me a sign that Big Daddy made it to heaven okay and was happy and healthy again, in the form of a dream. For some reason, all of my relatives, and even my dog, have visited me in my dreams after they have passed away.
I've still got goosebumps because my last dream of the night, shortly before Addison woke me in the morning, was one with Big Daddy. I dreamt we were going to his house and all of my relatives (my grown cousins were just kids) were there too. For some reason, there was a squirrel in front of the screen door that was trying to get in too. When I opened the door, the squirrel got in, and when I went into the house, Big Daddy was standing there, looking like I remembered him as a child, eating off a paper plate and he was chuckling about the squirrel.
We all then pointed to my Uncle Neil and said, "You get the squirrel."
That's where my dream ended, because like I said, Addison woke me up, so I didn't get a chance to talk to Big Daddy, but I am ecstatic I got to see him, and that's my sign from God that he is in heaven and well.
Hey God, thanks. I will try to be a better Christian, because I see the miracles you work everyday. Thank you.

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