Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Virus Attacks!

I've thought about writing about Sarah Palin and my girl crush on her, or how Tom Brady's injury has thrown me into denial. But since I'm steering clear on politics because, really, I'm not out to change anyone's mind or tell them their opinion is wrong, and since writing about Tom will force me to face the truth, I decided to write about the virus attacking the Nash household.

Totally inane, I know, but I just don't have the energy to get fired up today.

It started Saturday morning, when Addison and I lolled about on the couch, because we didn't feel quite right. By Sunday night, Addison had developed a cough and was lethargic. Adam and I decided to keep him home from school Monday, and I'm glad I did. Poor kid was hot and coughing and feeling like crap. I didn't feel great, but not bad, nothing some ibuprofen couldn't help.

What I do want to do is point out how lucky we are. Adam's unit is awesome, always has been. Well, except for the few hundred times they pissed me off, but that's not a hard thing to do. What they are awesome at is taking care of families, and that includes medically. Instead of having to call the hospital and TRY to get a same-day appointment, and ultimately end up at a walk-in clinic for hours on end, the unit docs will see family members. I'm so appreciative of these soldiers who take time out of their busy schedules to see us.

I was worried because it sounded like Addison was wheezy, but the doc assured me his chest was clear. I'm very grateful.

Addison is now on the mend, but be sure to take your Vitamin C because there is a wicked virus going around, everywhere.

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