Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Congratulations Hun!

Today was one of the proudest days of my 34 years, and 12 of being an Army wife. My husband, Adam, got offically promoted to master sergeant, or pay grade of E-8. It's not an easy rank to get to, by far. Most people retire from the Army after 20 years as an E-7, or sergeant first class. Adam just hit his 13-year mark in the Army in mid-August. He's my hero, and is a good example of what happens when you work hard and keep your nose out of trouble.

The best thing about Adam is he really knows how to balance work and home life. He's had soldiers he was in charge of come back years later and tell him, basically, that while he wasn't their favorite person while he was in charge of them, they realized after they left what a great leader he was, and how much they learned from him. He leads by example, and he is able to shed his tough exterior when he walks through the door every day. He leaves work at work, and I appreciate that, because he knows better than to try to order me around!

Congratulations, Hun, you have made me enormously proud. You deserve every stripe on that rank.


Anonymous said...

God bless the Tender Warriors!

Jen14221 said...

Also, did you REALLY get married at 22? Wow.