Monday, September 22, 2008

You da man, Boy

Addison had his first scrimmage on Saturday, during the Opening Day Jamboree for the Columbus Youth Football League. His team did well, but did allow a touchdown but not the extra point. We didn't score, unfortunately, but Addison did complete a pass. We are so damn proud.

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Fuccillo Family said...

Whhhhaaatttt the HECK...why am I the 1st comment!!!??? Addison, this is the coolest blog pic I have seen in weeks!!! I even think that really big strong black football player in the lower left side of the pic is mouthing "Yah, You are da manz"!!! Goodluck in Savannah Addison, I know you'll do so Awesome & kick butt in football & Baseball there man(after your homework though)!!!:)

Oh man, please dont tell your Dad I've been blogging about the Redsox this long at work! Awesome Blog Sarah finally just started 1 a couple months ago (but can you please tell her to add more Boston sports stuff)! Cya guys!!! GO SOX"<><":)